samedi 16 février 2013

A few months after....

I can't believe it's been almost a year since I haven't posted !
Since then, I did a few tableclothes for us, another vb sparkly bag for a daughter's friend, another one for me :

Then I made a small little bag as a gift for a new big sister in my family , I was looking forward to use this wonderful magazine I bought a while ago

This magazine is great for beginners. It has various basic bags you can do in a couple of hours and it explains with pictures, step by step, some important technics like the folding, a pocket, a zip, etc. It's a must !

Then I thought I could try a piece of cloth so I made a nice Agnès B inspired cardigan for my daughter

Then I tried a beans bag for my toddler, I had seeds from my pregnancy pillow to recycle. Unfortunately, I need some 6 extra kgs of seeds to fill it completely so I"ll post the picture as soon as it will be ready. On the meantime, here is the blog where I find the tutorial :

And, not but not least, since School started again, I worked very hard to get my French License, as my american license was expiring ! I sucessfully got it 2 weeks ago. You can imagine imagine how busy I was, especially with 3 children (among them is a stay-at-home toddler !).
Anyway, I won't make any promise but the next few months could be interesting for this blog !

I will have this same post in French very soon, promis !
See U all very soon ;-)